Steve Martin at age 6

In a school photo, here’s little cutie Stephen Glenn Martin — as seen in 1951 or so at age six. We know the boy best as comedian/actor/author/playwright Steve Martin. This wild and crazy guy was born in Waco, Texas on August 14, 1945.


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The Colbert Discomfort

First, check out Daily Show correspondent and Colbert Report creator and host Stephen Colbert as he looks now, rockin’ a pinstripe suit and politically-correct red tie:

Stephen Colbert

The man, however, didn’t always have it together. In fact, his semi ‘fro during his high school years is deserving of a big <facepalm>. Yes, this is Stephen Colbert in 1980:

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Laugh. Dance. Graduate.

Though she was born and raised in Louisiana, Ellen DeGeneres graduated from Atlanta High School (in Texas, not Georgia) in May 1976. Here’s how she looked back then:

But what makes this pic even cooler is knowing that three decades later, Ellen flew her graduating class to California to have their their 30th high school reunion on her TV talk show.

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