Do vampires wear braces?

Clearly, we’re talking 80s-era vampires, not those of the Twilight variety.

Thanks to foundphotoslj

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Like a reindeer in the headlights

Not so much a scary Santa — but here’s a super cute (and quite¬†confused) baby with the Claus man:

Thanks to proud dad robwest

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Brothers in (Santa’s) arms

Mall Santa portraits can be a real mixed blessing: One kid might be just fine as the other completely loses his cool.¬†See how a couple sets of brothers reacted to being handled by Mr Claus…

This Santa Claus looks a little panicked to be holding a screaming baby — even though big bro is having a good ol’ time!

Above pic by Valocity Studios

And here, an example of newborn ignorance being bliss. Even when your brother is kicking up a fuss, you can just snuggle up in St Nick’s arms and snooze right through the entire event.

Above pic by ryancboren

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Give this baby some props!

While the vintage toys are keen, that’s not quite what we meant. But good enough.

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