Orlando, before he bloomed

British actor Orlando Bloom is perhaps known best for his roles in two major movie serials, The Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean

Orlando Bloom

You may not immediately recognize the photo below as young Orlando, the eyes sure haven’t changed.

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The Colbert Discomfort

First, check out Daily Show correspondent andĀ Colbert Report creator and host Stephen Colbert as he looks now, rockin’ a pinstripe suit and politically-correct red tie:

Stephen Colbert

The man, however, didn’t always have it together. In fact, his semi ‘fro during his high school years is deserving of a big <facepalm>. Yes, this is Stephen ColbertĀ in 1980:

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Eminem: Will the Real Slim Shady please… smile for the camera?

Marshall Mathers III — eventually to be known as Eminem — started out cute enough and was pretty normal looking through his elementary school years:
We really dig the plaid shirt and pullover sweater in this one:

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Marilyn Manson, before the days of eyeliner

Back in 1986, who could have imagined from looking at him that this dweeby kid from Ohio would grow up to be a star? Yes, it’s the artist formerly known as Brian Warner — most people think of him as just Marilyn Manson.

It’s interesting to note that as homely and anonymous as he seems in the school portrait above, the guy’s look really did hit its peak in high school.

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Little Bill

You could almost believe that this little dude would grow up to be a billionaire…

… kind of like Bill Gates:

Alas, it’s just a semi-lookalike.

Top photo from 1982, bottom pic of Bill Gates from 1984.

Thanks to Ned Raggett for sharing his grade school pic!

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