The Glee club

Unless you are serving an unspecified term in Guantanamo Bay for an unspecified “crime” and therefore haven’t seen the light of day or a television in the last 3 years or so, you’re well aware of Cornell University alum Jane Lynch and her super-ultra-megahit Glee.

Of course, before her turn on the tube as Sue Sylvester, you’ve seen her in films such as The 40 Year Old Virgin and Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.  Shut up, I like those two.  Anyway, what did this fictional high school cheerleading coach look like when she was in high school?

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Lt Dan, that hair is not regulation

Gary Sinise has starred in one of America’s most loved movies (Forrest Gump) and more recently has added to the CSI family of snarky cops shows, as well as being the voice of the excellent documentary WWII in HD.

I have to say, Mr. Sinise’s look today is far removed from his pre-Steppenwolf Theatre days…

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Before the advent of Flowbee

Hey — why spend good money at a barber or hair salon when you can get practically the same results at home?!

See? All you need is a bowl and some scissors to get this great look.

Thanks to Genealogy Photos

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It isn’t quite belly dancing

The portrait below was taken in 1978 as a gift for the lucky father/husband — and so these two visited the photo studio on the sly.

But the best part of all, in the words of the boy in the pic: “Somehow Dad convinced himself that Mom had enrolled in belly-dancing lessons on the sly at the local YMCA. Wishful thinking, I guess.”

Thanks to numberstumper

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Please don’t hurt me, Santa

It’s a time-honored tradition: Forcing young children to sit in a strange guy’s lap.

Cozy Christmas custom or not, I know that this little girl was less than pleased back in the mid-70s when her mom and grandmother wanted her to spend some quality time with an obvious Santa imposter (who could, in fact, have been a total pedophile whose primary qualification for this particular job was the ability to wear a red and white costume).

Despite once being thisclose to the the creepy Claus, fortunately, she recovered from her experience. In fact, this kid grew up to create a website featuring funny and funky photos, and would occasionally talk about herself in the third person.

And now during every Christmas season, she watches The Killers’ Don’t Shoot Me Santa video, and steers well clear of the malls.

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