The Bridges of Los Angeles County

Academy Award winning actor Jeff Bridges has a film resume longer than my…¬† well, it’s long, at any rate.

From Starman to The Big Lebowski, Tron to True Grit, Lloyd’s son and Beau’s brother has pretty much done it all and worn it all for his roles.

But have you ever seen him…

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What your “fun” aunt was like in high school

We don’t know what’s cooler: That she made this pose for one of her formal portraits, that the photog captured it, or that the pic has stuck around in the family’s photo collection for nearly 50 years:

Fortunately, her school’s yearbook editor back in 1962 also had some more typical poses from which to choose, like this one:

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What are you people looking at, anyway?

For more than a century, artsy-fartsy photographers decided that people ought to be looking off into the distance for their portraits.¬†Thing is, we all know they were in a photo studio (or even just a school gym), and weren’t likely to be gazing upon anything more extraordinary than a beer can ashtray or some used gym towels.

There was the 60s/70s look of dreamy charm:

thanks to Erika Herzog

The slightly pensive smile of the 50s/60s:

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Give this baby some props!

While the vintage toys are keen, that’s not quite what we meant. But good enough.

Thanks to crimfants

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Vintage 60s nerd style

Check it out: A bow tie and suspenders for school picture day. You don’t see that much anymore!

This kid looks like he was the milkman’s son.

Via Tobyotter

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