Submit a portrait

Have a pic that’s perfect for Portraited? If you own the rights to the image, please send it to us via email to submit at this domain name (

You can either send it as an attachment (large size, but ideally no more than 1200px on any side) or upload it somewhere and tell us the URL!

Also, please be sure to tell us how you would like the photo credited — we’re happy to add a link to your site as long as it’s not super freakish. We would also love to know what you know about the picture — stuff like who, what, where, when, why, and what on Earth they were thinking?! — and you can even tell us where you think it would fit best on our site if it’s not patently obvious.

Thanks, and we can’t wait to see what wild and wacky wonderfulness you turn up.

Submission terms

By submitting a photograph to us, you are stating your agreement of the following terms:

You grant Synchronista Media and its assigns a perpetual license to use any photo and text you submit. You retain the copyright to your photo/text and may reprint it elsewhere. Synchronista Media may use the photograph(s) and/or accompanying text you are submitting royalty-free in any derivative works in any medium, including print, film or electronic storage devices. Synchronista Media agrees to publish your name, as provided by you, with any photograph(s) and text published on or in a derivative work. We do not pay for the use of photograph(s) and text. We may edit the photograph for size and clarity, and the text for clarity, length and grammar.

While we very much appreciate all contributions, we cannot guarantee that every submission will be published, due to space issues or otherwise at our discretion.

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