Ke$ha when she was just Kesha

Although Ke$ha’s “garbage-chic” and glittery style works for her now…

… but it wasn’t really her thing back in high school, as you can see from her 2005 class photo:

Here is Miss Kesha Sebert in a senior class photo from her high school in Brentwood, Tennessee. As “normal” as she looks, this was also the same year she was signed to her first record label:


  1. Ebonica newman /

    Kesha would be a lot prettier without all the make up and the attitude that makes her look like she a drunken stuck up all the time and maybe if her songs were interesting she would be worth listening to

  2. louise /

    Urmmmmm screw you alll cus i love kesha back then anddd nowwwwwwwwwwwwwww hehehehehehhehehehehe. k thanks.

  3. Sterlin Rubarts /

    your really want to meet u it’s my dream to meet u and be like u but i cant your really pretty!

  4. Sterlin Rubarts /

    kesha is ok with makeup on and she is pretty with it on and off shes pretty just the way she is so and i want to meet u!

  5. wow kesha you look sick in both ways!! :) i luv you and i think ur hottter with makeup.

  6. Bonnie /

    I think she FANTABULOUS, FABULOUS, SLITLY CLASSY AND I LOVEEE HER ATTITUDE. Most people might think like why she look all drunk and ish but hey I love it and it’s different. That’s what the music industry needs..someone who is completely different just like Rihanna. Riri and Ke$ha should defiantly make couples of song together. Love you K as well as Ri and the songs as well.

  7. Keshie /

    my name is similer and i just love her so much she stands out in the cround and is one of a kind and thats all that matters she is happy that way so just let her be that person

  8. Hakeem Mulholland /

    I’ve been looking for a picture of Ke$ha in high school for a while now, and I finally found it! What a great class photo (:

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