Eminem: Will the Real Slim Shady please… smile for the camera?

Marshall Mathers III — eventually to be known as Eminem — started out cute enough and was pretty normal looking through his elementary school years:
We really dig the plaid shirt and pullover sweater in this one:

And then here’s Marshall/Eminem in 1989, during his freshman year at Lincoln High School in Warren, Michigan:The real Slim ShadyFrom that goofy looking dude to this guy? That is a surprise.
Guess that’s just the way he is.


  1. bellatrix /

    wow neva knew he looked like that when he was in hs! XD

  2. mahdyar /


  3. meseret/messi/ /

    wooooooooooooooooow slim shady i don’t what i say

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