1. What is your definition of a portrait?

While the official definition is rather broad (” a pictorial representation of a person usually showing the face” per Merriam-Webster), we’re aiming for photos featuring faces that aren’t just typical snapshots or webcam stills.

We are looking for images that are intended to be seen — whether that means they were shot professionally in a studio for a particular purpose, group shots where everyone’s aware of the camera, or even those occasional spur-of-the moment pictures that turn out so well (or so funny) that they end up in a frame.

2. It seems like most of the pictures on here were taken 10 years ago or more. Do you accept more recent submissions?

We will gladly accept photos shot up until about, oh… five seconds ago. The reason most of our portraits are not-so-current is that it sometimes takes many years — sometimes decades — for us to be able to see the funny. ;-)

3. What if I have a really great photo to share, but don’t want to be identifiable?

As long as it won’t spoil the spirit of the portrait, and upon your request, we can augment your picture with our exclusive green glasses.┬áIf there are several people in a photo and only some need to be anonymized, you can gently blur their faces or put a small bar over their eyes. (We will probably still overlay the glasses top.)

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