Santa’s sleigh pulled over for DUI

Most of the time, Santa Claus is all sugar ‘n’ spice and everything nice. But other times, he’s more whiskey ‘n’ tequila and a big bad hangover.

Of this pic of her posing with Mr Claus, Simone (the girl wearing the awesome gold lamé dress on the right) says, “We told mom and dad we thought he was drunk. They didn’t believe us… until we got the photos back.”

To see just how wasted this drunken Santa looked, here’s a close-up:

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What your “fun” aunt was like in high school

We don’t know what’s cooler: That she made this pose for one of her formal portraits, that the photog captured it, or that the pic has stuck around in the family’s photo collection for nearly 50 years:

Fortunately, her school’s yearbook editor back in 1962 also had some more typical poses from which to choose, like this one:

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Ryan Seacrest: The 15 million dollar boy

Of all the celeb photos we’ve found, this school pic of Ryan Seacrest shares the dual honor of being the absolute dweebiest — plus wins the award for Greatest Improvement. Seriously: In just over two decades, the guy went from this

…to making $15,000,000 per year as a TV host.

Well done, Ryan. At the time your school portrait was taken, everyone probably would have agreed: You had a face for radio.

Here’s a look at Mr Ryan Seacrest now:

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