What are you people looking at, anyway?

For more than a century, artsy-fartsy photographers decided that people ought to be looking off into the distance for their portraits. Thing is, we all know they were in a photo studio (or even just a school gym), and weren’t likely to be gazing upon anything more extraordinary than a beer can ashtray or some used gym towels.

There was the 60s/70s look of dreamy charm:

thanks to Erika Herzog

The slightly pensive smile of the 50s/60s:

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Look at the birdie…s

“Okay, Neil — please look over here.” [pause]

“No, over here please.” [long pause]

“Nevermind.” [click]

Thanks to mrflip

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Give this baby some props!

While the vintage toys are keen, that’s not quite what we meant. But good enough.

Thanks to crimfants

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Vintage 60s nerd style

Check it out: A bow tie and suspenders for school picture day. You don’t see that much anymore!

This kid looks like he was the milkman’s son.

Via Tobyotter

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