Before the advent of Flowbee

Hey — why spend good money at a barber or hair salon when you can get practically the same results at home?!

See? All you need is a bowl and some scissors to get this great look.

Thanks to Genealogy Photos

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The boy in black

Before Johnny Cash sang about shooting a man in Reno just to watch him die — and way before being portrayed on celluloid by Joaquin Phoenix — Mister Johnny Cash attended Dyess High School in Dyess High School, Dyess, Arkansas.

Here’s how John looked in 1950, years before he ever walked the line.

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Santa Claus has been scary for a long, long time

This photo illustrates the fact that parents have been subjecting their children to really strange bearded men for nearly a century… all in the name of Christmas:

Thanks to stevechasmar

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What your “fun” aunt was like in high school

We don’t know what’s cooler: That she made this pose for one of her formal portraits, that the photog captured it, or that the pic has stuck around in the family’s photo collection for nearly 50 years:

Fortunately, her school’s yearbook editor back in 1962 also had some more typical poses from which to choose, like this one:

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If reality TV existed back then, he’d be a star

Back before there were impressive reality stars like Kate Gosselin and Snooki — you know, like a hundred years ago — people with a limited range of talents had few options for gaining fame and/or notoriety.

There were, however, a few options open to the more hirsute. One, you could be the Bearded Lady at the circus. Or you could do what this gentleman did: grow a beard long enough to throw it o’er your shoulder like a continental soldier (while also earning kudos for being one of the first white guys with dreadlocks).

We would have loved to see this guy on Dancing With the Stars, his beard flowing behind him like a cape. Something like that might actually get us to watch.

Pic via Foxtongue

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Now that’s an old-fashioned kind of love

This Polish couple — in a photo estimated to be from around 1884 — shows the twosome’s obvious love and affection just soooo beautifully, it practically brings us to tears.

What do you think were the last words these two said to each other before this portrait was taken? Post your ideas in the comments section!

Pic via Photo Detective

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