Santa’s sleigh pulled over for DUI

Most of the time, Santa Claus is all sugar ‘n’ spice and everything nice. But other times, he’s more whiskey ‘n’ tequila and a big bad hangover.

Of this pic of her posing with Mr Claus, Simone (the girl wearing the awesome gold lamé dress on the right) says, “We told mom and dad we thought he was drunk. They didn’t believe us… until we got the photos back.”

To see just how wasted this drunken Santa looked, here’s a close-up:

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Like a reindeer in the headlights

Not so much a scary Santa — but here’s a super cute (and quite confused) baby with the Claus man:

Thanks to proud dad robwest

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Santa goes to the dogs

… or, more correctly, the dogs come to him.

Now this is a Christmas card pic to remember!

Thanks to Pacdog

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Santa Claus has been scary for a long, long time

This photo illustrates the fact that parents have been subjecting their children to really strange bearded men for nearly a century… all in the name of Christmas:

Thanks to stevechasmar

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Please don’t hurt me, Santa

It’s a time-honored tradition: Forcing young children to sit in a strange guy’s lap.

Cozy Christmas custom or not, I know that this little girl was less than pleased back in the mid-70s when her mom and grandmother wanted her to spend some quality time with an obvious Santa imposter (who could, in fact, have been a total pedophile whose primary qualification for this particular job was the ability to wear a red and white costume).

Despite once being thisclose to the the creepy Claus, fortunately, she recovered from her experience. In fact, this kid grew up to create a website featuring funny and funky photos, and would occasionally talk about herself in the third person.

And now during every Christmas season, she watches The Killers’ Don’t Shoot Me Santa video, and steers well clear of the malls.

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Brothers in (Santa’s) arms

Mall Santa portraits can be a real mixed blessing: One kid might be just fine as the other completely loses his cool. See how a couple sets of brothers reacted to being handled by Mr Claus…

This Santa Claus looks a little panicked to be holding a screaming baby — even though big bro is having a good ol’ time!

Above pic by Valocity Studios

And here, an example of newborn ignorance being bliss. Even when your brother is kicking up a fuss, you can just snuggle up in St Nick’s arms and snooze right through the entire event.

Above pic by ryancboren

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