Bangs Like Beckham

OK, you all know this guy.  When he’s not kicking a ball around some grass and getting paid the GDP of Luxembourg to do it, he’s busy being insanely good looking and going home to the former Posh Spice.  We’re speaking, of course, of David Beckham.

Now, long before women wanted him and men wanted to be him, his hair might have been, well…  well.  But those cheekbones sure haven’t changed.

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The Colbert Discomfort

First, check out Daily Show correspondent and Colbert Report creator and host Stephen Colbert as he looks now, rockin’ a pinstripe suit and politically-correct red tie:

Stephen Colbert

The man, however, didn’t always have it together. In fact, his semi ‘fro during his high school years is deserving of a big <facepalm>. Yes, this is Stephen Colbert in 1980:

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Laugh. Dance. Graduate.

Though she was born and raised in Louisiana, Ellen DeGeneres graduated from Atlanta High School (in Texas, not Georgia) in May 1976. Here’s how she looked back then:

But what makes this pic even cooler is knowing that three decades later, Ellen flew her graduating class to California to have their their 30th high school reunion on her TV talk show.

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Justin Bieber, when he was just a kid

Especially after his sudden rocket ride to fame, girls everywhere want to know: What did Justin Bieber look like when he was young?

So, here’s a picture of Justin at age 12:

Age sixteen you say, not 12? For reals?!?

Okay, then… how about we go a little further back?

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Peace out with Oprah

As you may have suspected, The Big O didn’t just come out of nowhere. The world’s top media maven was voted “Most Popular” in high school, and also served as Vice President of her class.

Here’s Oprah Winfrey as a graduate of East Nashville High in 1971:

We totally dig the girl’s peace-sign earrings — they’re perfectly subtle seventies accessories. (You can even get a pair like Oprah’s right here.)

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Kate before Eight

Long before her not-so-great reality TV show Jon & Kate Plus Eight debuted in 2007 (and way, way before being universally panned for her performance on Dancing with the Stars), Katie Kreider — later to be Kate Gosselin — graduated from Pennsylvania’s Mount Calvary Christian School in 1993.

And certainly, the hairstyle she sported back then was hardly the spiky-bob/reverse mullet/mom-do hairstyle of 2009 that housewives across the country would try to emulate:

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