Justin Bieber, when he was just a kid

Especially after his sudden rocket ride to fame, girls everywhere want to know: What did Justin Bieber look like when he was young?

So, here’s a picture of Justin at age 12:

Age sixteen you say, not 12? For reals?!?

Okay, then… how about we go a little further back?

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See what the mullet hath wrought

Before being outlawed in most states (for example, California Penal Code § 314 PC), examples of the primitive “mullet” hairstyle could be seen almost everywhere.

Short on top and long in the back — not to be confused with Kate Gosselin’s “reverse mullet” — the true mullet holds a place in history alongside the mohawk, the big hair of the 80s, and Donald Trump’s comb-over.

Here, we bring you some examples of the mullet:

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Merci to ninavizz

Sadly, even girls fell victim to the mullet:

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Do vampires wear braces?

Clearly, we’re talking 80s-era vampires, not those of the Twilight variety.

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Santa’s sleigh pulled over for DUI

Most of the time, Santa Claus is all sugar ‘n’ spice and everything nice. But other times, he’s more whiskey ‘n’ tequila and a big bad hangover.

Of this pic of her posing with Mr Claus, Simone (the girl wearing the awesome gold lamé dress on the right) says, “We told mom and dad we thought he was drunk. They didn’t believe us… until we got the photos back.”

To see just how wasted this drunken Santa looked, here’s a close-up:

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Santa Claus has been scary for a long, long time

This photo illustrates the fact that parents have been subjecting their children to really strange bearded men for nearly a century… all in the name of Christmas:

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It isn’t quite belly dancing

The portrait below was taken in 1978 as a gift for the lucky father/husband — and so these two visited the photo studio on the sly.

But the best part of all, in the words of the boy in the pic: “Somehow Dad convinced himself that Mom had enrolled in belly-dancing lessons on the sly at the local YMCA. Wishful thinking, I guess.”

Thanks to numberstumper

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