Just about Jason Bateman

In 1984, Bop magazine published this article on “cute” Jason Bateman when the boy was just a 5’3″ 15-year-old. At the time, Jason was starring in the short-lived sitcom, It’s Your Move.

Jason Bateman article from 1984

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Usher: Here he stands

Usher now

Though he was born in Texas, Usher (aka Usher Terry Raymond IV) spent most of his childhood in Chattanooga, Tennessee. But not long after his grandmother noticed that the boy could sing, the family reloacted to Atlanta, Georgia to give Usher more chances to pursue a singing career.

Usher is now one of the top-selling artists in US history, with over 23 million sales just in America — adding to the total for 65 million worldwide.

Usher then

And here’s how super-adorable little Usher looked his school portrait, before anyone knew he was going to be a star:

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Destiny’s Child(hood photos)

After a while I really get the urge to be lazy with these and write “(X) needs no introduction” — but really, I could say that about just about everyone on this site.

For really reals though, if you are unfamiliar with Beyoncé Knowles (or just Beyoncé, since Prince made that whole one name thing cool), well, I’d like to know what rock you’ve been hiding under since 2000 or so, since I’d like to book my next vacation there.  It’s obviously very peaceful and devoid of mainstream media…

Of course, she wasn’t always the dazzling diva we see here today…

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Orlando, before he bloomed

British actor Orlando Bloom is perhaps known best for his roles in two major movie serials, The Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean

Orlando Bloom

You may not immediately recognize the photo below as young Orlando, the eyes sure haven’t changed.

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Christina Aguilera: Back to basics

Long before she was ready to go Bionic on us, little Christina Aguilera could carry a tune better than 99.9% of the populace — and was cute, to boot.

Here are three of Xtina’s school portraits from the 80s:

Christina Aguilera

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Little Bill

You could almost believe that this little dude would grow up to be a billionaire…

… kind of like Bill Gates:

Alas, it’s just a semi-lookalike.

Top photo from 1982, bottom pic of Bill Gates from 1984.

Thanks to Ned Raggett for sharing his grade school pic!

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