Christina Aguilera: Back to basics

Long before she was ready to go Bionic on us, little Christina Aguilera could carry a tune better than 99.9% of the populace — and was cute, to boot.

Here are three of Xtina’s school portraits from the 80s:

Christina Aguilera

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Marilyn Manson, before the days of eyeliner

Back in 1986, who could have imagined from looking at him that this dweeby kid from Ohio would grow up to be a star? Yes, it’s the artist formerly known as Brian Warner — most people think of him as just Marilyn Manson.

It’s interesting to note that as homely and anonymous as he seems in the school portrait above, the guy’s look really did hit its peak in high school.

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Justin Bieber, when he was just a kid

Especially after his sudden rocket ride to fame, girls everywhere want to know: What did Justin Bieber look like when he was young?

So, here’s a picture of Justin at age 12:

Age sixteen you say, not 12? For reals?!?

Okay, then… how about we go a little further back?

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The boy in black

Before Johnny Cash sang about shooting a man in Reno just to watch him die — and way before being portrayed on celluloid by Joaquin Phoenix — Mister Johnny Cash attended Dyess High School in Dyess High School, Dyess, Arkansas.

Here’s how John looked in 1950, years before he ever walked the line.

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Beyonce as a child before destiny

Check out Beyoncé as a high school freshman in 1996 at the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Houston, Texas:

Girl was gorgeous even during those early teen years that scar most of us — mentally and physically — for life!

No wonder Jay Z put a ring on it.

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Mariah Carey needed an emancipation from bad hair

Check out Long Island high school senior Mariah Carey in 1987. She has 80s hair with that Long Island flair — permed and mullet-esque — perhaps one of the most tragic hairstyle combos:

Before the Big Hair, Mariah’s look was a little lower maintenance (if a little heavy on the feathering):

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