Mariah Carey needed an emancipation from bad hair

Check out Long Island high school senior Mariah Carey in 1987. She has 80s hair with that Long Island flair — permed and mullet-esque — perhaps one of the most tragic hairstyle combos:

Before the Big Hair, Mariah’s look was a little lower maintenance (if a little heavy on the feathering):

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Kristen was a handsome girl, indeed

Long before Kristen Stewart played Bella in the “Twilight” Saga — who millions consider to be, like, the luckiest girl, like, ever — Kristen looked surprisingly boyish in her yearbook photo:

Not that she wasn’t cute, but she certainly wasn’t “impossibly beautiful” on par with Edward… although he’s a guy, and one don’t usually think of dudes as being beautiful.

Hmm. So how about we just say Miss Kristen Stewart was very handsome in her youth, and call it even?

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