The Tiger (Woods) that roared

The phrase “so-and-so needs no introduction” is really trite and overused, but really — Eldrick Tont “Tiger” Woods really doesn’t need any introduction, does he?

Whether it’s because of the (as of this writing, March, 2012) 14 professional major golf championships and 72 career PGA Tour wins on his resume, his $96 million some-odd career earnings, his glut of PGA Tour records (most of which begin with “youngest to” and “fastest to”), his legendary drive, his endorsements, and so on, you know who he is.

Of course, there’s that little incident where he crashed his Escalade into a fire hydrant and the whole bit about being grossly unfaithful to his now ex-wife.

But we’re professionals here, so forget I said that. Even if it is where you know him from, the man is a golfer — and one of the greatest to have ever lived.

But did you know that long before the green jackets, the Nike endorsement worth more than the GDP of some small European countries, and before the crashed SUVs, he looked like this?

And earlier — in kindergarten — like this:

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